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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei / Board Feedback
« on: December 12, 2016, 09:19:13 AM »
hi. sorry to interupt,but i have to do a test. the board looks great, there a place where we can read your story?

GantZ / Is the 2nd Kurono going to die
« on: December 12, 2016, 05:34:44 AM »
I hope Vermouths going to die. Shes not entirely evil like Gin or Vodka. It would be much more dramatic if she died while protecting Ran or Conan, that if it was Gin who died. :p

What about Nachos? / What Are You Listening To Now Vol 2
« on: December 12, 2016, 03:54:59 AM »
What are you listening to right now?

Acoustic version of "Leader of Men" by Nickelback

Word Games / Birthday Game
« on: December 12, 2016, 12:09:18 AM »
An idea:  May we modify the game a bit so that the last word in the previous movie appears anywhere in the title of the next movie, other than the last word?

Drawing / Nicorins Art Dump
« on: December 12, 2016, 12:07:45 AM »
I've drawn a lot of pokemon

But yeah, what are you asking? Just for us to make a whole bunch of art? Because I can do that. I'm very artistic

Brain Acadamy / Useful Visual Knowledge Thread
« on: December 11, 2016, 05:44:13 AM »
I posted in this thread about posting in a thread today.  I may or may not post in it tomorrow.

I could have posted in it yesterday, but decided to wait for tomorrow, which was today.

Drawing / Elsa WIP Need advice
« on: December 11, 2016, 02:05:19 AM »
Thank you for your advice. it is well appreciated.

Gundam / Unicorn Gundam
« on: December 10, 2016, 10:20:20 AM »
I have just ordered the Banshee Gundam as well i prefer to call it banshee gundam as unicorn 02 Gundam Banshee seem like a very long name for it lol

Hope it comes soon so I can build it side by side with my FA Unicorn Gundam

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