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Forum Community / Hi everyone.
« on: February 22, 2017, 08:41:31 PM »
 Hi, my name is Vieris4269, I'm new to the community so please pardon any of my misdemeanors.
 I come from a country where a lot of educational pressure is put onto students. I go to to school at 6AM, finish at 4:30PM or 5:15PM, after that I go to cram classes (small cram schools opened by teachers), and go home at 9:00-9:30PM.
 As such, beside gaming which I now have very little time for, anime and manga are my only means of escape from real-life, from the pressure put onto me by my parents and society. Although I do not regret getting enrolled into the 2nd most elite school in the country (which we had to take a very arduous test for), I do wish I had more time for myself, which seemed to be further away as exams are approaching.
 But still, everyday I remind myself "I've come this far, why stop now?" As such, I will try to do my best and maybe when everything is over, I'll have some time to spend with cute anime girls.
 Thank you to anyone who is reading this, have a good day.

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