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Debate Headquarters / Is Poverty and Inequality inevitable?
« on: April 30, 2012, 12:13:54 PM »
So as I was suffering and barely surviving through uni, I came accross this question and I found it quite interesting, since the world is aiming to eliminate poverty and inequality, however is this really possible?
Inequality will always exist due to political corruption, distribution of income and even distribution of resources within countries. Forms of inequality will always exist (i.e. gender inequality) and so on, and currently, the richest 1% of the world get as much income as the poorest 57%. However, if by some very unlikely miracle, income was distributed evenly, it is theorised that the whole world will live in relative poverty due to the growing world population.

What about poverty then? In my opinion, poverty will always exist, somewhere in this world. We've come too far, and we've increased inequality levels within the world way too much for poverty to just disappear. Even during globalisation, the transition economies and developed countries are benefitting from all this.

Despite all this, we still continue to try aim for elimination of such issues, but is this really possible?

So we all know there are different charities for third world countries, for kids or people in africa, middle east, etc. Such charities include Salvation Army, UNICEF, World Vision and etc. But is it really whats best for those people living in such standards?

First off, by the time the money gets to those countries, most of it would've been spent on transportation costs and taxation. Also what those people get, such as extra food, or water, or clothes just means they get to survive a few days longer, but if they lived in such bad conditions, is it really a good idea to prolong their sufferings? What they need is something more permanent, and having something more permanent takes a lot more amount of money and effort and time. They need schools, wells, something to help them grow crops and such!

Second off, if that's the life they were born into, sometimes it just can't be helped. As i've said before, the world is overpopulating, sooner or later we're going to run out of resources ourselves, what next? What value do those people add to us? We don't even know them personally, unfortunately life is unfair, the world is unfair, and shouldn't we be accepting of that fact instead of trying to interfere with other worlds. What benefit does it bring to us really

Conclusion: Though this may sound heartless, charity organisations do not benefit others, and the people who recieve this charity will still live, suffering. So even though charities mean good to the world, i say they are essentially just temporarily lengthening their lives but not necessarily doing much good in the long term

The world is an unfair place.

Like the title suggests, this is a controversial topic and I need you guys to help decide which is better, to find friends who accept everything about you? Or to change yourself for friends?

Yes many may argue that you should find people who accept everything about you, but what if they're bad habits like shoplifting, drugs, unnecessary violence, then what? Is that why there are cliques, where nerds hang with nerds, and goths with goths?

But With friends, if you change your bad habits for your friends, then isn't that a positive influence? But in that sense you lose...what makes you, you. A personal identity that defines yourself. You don't want to lose yourself, but for friends people do change. Which brings me to the next point, why is the bad parts of someone do much harder to accept than the good parts? What makes it so hard to accept?

I'm not sure which side to take, so whatever you guys hit me with I'll be debating the other side until I'm convinced by which way is the superior one.

Word Games / The Song Game
« on: May 18, 2011, 03:00:13 PM »
So i noticed there's a few game threads in here..i don't even know if it belongs here.

Thus start the song game!
rules are simple: The person above posts a song by any band, and the person below responds with another song by any band.

person #1: I hate you (sick puppies)
#2: Where is the love (black eyed peas)
#3: Under My Umbrella (rhianna/incubus)
#4: i don't believe you (pink)

etc etc etc.

so i'll start off with an easy one i guess? :D

Where are you now? (britney spears)

Movies & TV Series / Tangled
« on: May 16, 2011, 11:12:49 AM »
*inserts tangled trailer* (@ unable to do so)

it was such a good movie, and yet there's no thread dedicated to it?!?! Pascal, maximus...flynn, they're just so funny!!!
and Rapunzel's hair was sooooooooooo long!!!

i want hair that lights up too D:

What about Nachos? / bingle bongle dingle dangle :)
« on: April 27, 2011, 11:15:42 AM »
ok, first off...i am extremely proud of myself because i am probably the most fail-iest person one could ever know regarding technology. I was literally sitting here for a few minutes scrolling up and down thinking "WHICH BUTTON DO I PRESS TO START?!?! gahh...too many clickity things!!". Ok, a 17 year old girl..from australia..who has a neverending hunger. i mean hey, im still a growing child, a girl needs food :) the top 5 things in my list would be food, sleep, manga, ice cream (it holds a special place in my heart) and drooling over cute animals!!! i'm in my last year of high school YAY, but instead of a procrastinator who likes to make excuses to not study cos im lazy, at least im honest though. *noms on a muffin*

OOOO recently, i got my drivers license, and by recently, i mean a few months ago. And i tried to drive, but instead, i became traumatised about how bad my driving skills are. i freak out at 30km/hr cos im going too fast (its a dangerous speed), and when i tried turning, i almost crashed into the traffic lights. I don't know if i'm just plain skillful, awesome or gifted.
i tend to go off track a lot. most importantly, i like cookies and cream, and whoever invented cookies and cream ice cream, is a genius!

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