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Just finished reading vol 11. What a disappointment.  :p!ssed:

This novel has been getting less and less interesting ever since Haruhime's related events.

It's really sickening and disappointing to see how Wine begging for her life to Aiz, and despite Bell's determination to fight Aiz to defend what he thinks it's right, it's all for nothing since in the end, it's only because Aiz somehow changed her mind that Wine can escape.

The same goes with Bete, and this time it's about how Haruhime somehow managed to change Bete's mind.

It's really ridiculous to see how Aiz and Bete changed their mind so easily, just like that. There is nothing that make sense to justify all these changes. Nothing but bullshits.

In the end, might is everything. Loki familia is ridiculously strong and Hestia familia is ridiculously weak.

All these talks about determination, helping the weak, all the "good/right" things in this novel has been nothing but nonsense.

This whole episode with the Xenos is a complete failure for Omori. She shouldn't have started writting about the Xenos if she's unable to finish it properly and failed to give convincing reasons why it happens that way.

After Haruhime's related events, she should have stick to writing about Hestia familia's dungeon adventure.

Well, hopefully the new chapter focusing more on dungeon adventure but after all the disappointing recent volumes I won't be putting too much hope in this novel anymore.

Not wanting to re-read the recent volumes itself is a clear sign of how this novel have been becoming less and less enjoyable.

The other parts I can agree to disagree, because really they're just personal preferences, but this ... don't you feel all the past female characters are already mostly throwaways? 

I mean in other harem stories, the girls get dedicated arcs for further development with the main character.  None of them got anything significant romantically wise after their initial volume.  At best, you have volume 8, which is like a free for all after thought volume that's threw in there (I mean Eina's story wasn't even new).  Lily gets sister-zoned, Haruhime would've gotten a bit more if Hestia didn't interfere, Hestia got the most development at the expense of pissing off every Ais fan (which is hilarious).

I wouldn't mind more girls joining Bell's potential suitor circle, but more in Hestia would be very hard to balance I think.  Unless she's someone like a combination of Syr AND Ryuu, which means clever, devilish, and generally a fun character that get along with everyone while being extremely competent ... but if this is true, that character will probably be everyone's new favorite instantly, making the older cast even more irrelevant.

The same thing can also happen to male characters. I don't see any reasons why it needs to be another male character.

It's better to have female characters, at least it's some kind of harem situation. Of course it depends on how well Omori portrays the situation and yet it's not an excuse to not having other female characters.

It might also get worse since the new male character might become something like a 2nd protagonist in the novel.

Welf's position is not of another protagonist but more like an older brother to Bell.

I've had enough of manga, novels, games featuring multiple protagonists. Many of them are craps.

Why don't Ais fans ask Omori why she made it so that Bell is in conflict not only with Ais but also with Loki familia which make it even worse?

Every pairing between Bell and any of the girls is interesting, although I might be leaning towards certain pairings...

Yes, other female characters in Bell party should be given more spotlight and they should also level up (more likely through special events) so that they contribute more to the party. What a waste of characters.

I've never been interested in Loki familia with the exception of the interactions between the girls (Ais, Tiona. etc) and Bell.

If I want to read an "ore tsueee" novel, there are tons of them out there and I don't even need to read the sidestory.

Now that the sidestory is not involving Bell anymore, I'm not really looking forward to read the new volumes.

I started reading the novel because I'm only interested in Bell's related adventurers. It's started as Bell's adventure story and later branches off to the sidestory. I only started having interest in the sidestory when there were some involvement with Bell. But now? Meh

Would've been fine if he believed in what he did is right, but his lack of confidence and weak will make the whole ordeal difficult to swallow.  Also, he lucked out hard by having all those people helping him out and what's dumb is that he doesn't even realize he's being babied.

I just want him to have this introspective moment of him actually acknowledging he's shit and he needs to train or something.  You can't be a weak sauce and dabble in stuff that you have no business in.  Dix is right about him, but so is Fels.  I'm not saying this story development's bad, I just think he needs to think harder about consequences.  Seeing some of the other characters, Bell doesn't really get to use his he's-still-too-young card anymore (at least from my reading perspective).

On the other hand, if Bell thinks too much about the consequences for every action that he will be taking, he won't be any much different from those too serious type of veteran adventurers.

If Bell don't get involved in rescuing the Xenos despite making blunders on the process then he's not doing what a protagonist should be doing in this particular novel as it's what he's portrayed throughout the novel. He won't be Bell Cranell anymore.

Dix might be right to a certain degree when it comes to "common sense" actions that Bell should have taken when dealing with the Xenos. Also, "common sense" isn't that often applicable to the situations that Bell often face. And also, it's due to non "common sense" actions taken by Bell which makes the novel more interesting.

Fels is actually more right when it comes to assessing Bell. I cannot imagine should Bell decide to abandon the Xenos just because "common sense" dictates him to think of his familia's safety first and not go against the public opinion or even more powerful familias such as Loki familia.

If that really happened then Bell won't become himself anymore, it will be another person who just happened to have the same name.

As a reader, I have no interest in seeing a "too" matured Bell. That's what makes this novel unique from its side story and personally I'm much more interested in the novel as compared to the side story.

Other characters also have their own weaknesses and strength.

Sure, Bell needs to think more deeply on his own action and consequences, but without too much relying on other peoples' experience as the barometer of what he should be doing whenever he faced a situation.

There is no such thing just because certain veteran adventurers from well-known familias took an particular action when faced with a particular situation means that it's definitely the right thing to do.

There's no such thing as definite rights or wrongs, especially when someone faced with a crisis.

I don't see any need to add another male character to Bell's party. Welf is already enough. It's much more interesting to have more female characters in Bell's party.

I just read the synopsis of vol 11 from Amazon and I'm also looking forward to read it ASAP after all this gloomy mood brought by vol 10.

In vol 10, Bell had proven himself to be a true hero by standing up for the Xenos even if it went against the public general opinion and even Loki familia, though. So it's not all that gloomy actually.

Novel Shoppu / Re: Madan no Ou to Vanadis vol.01-13+
« on: April 18, 2016, 06:25:22 AM »
Still reading and I still stick to my previous stance that Ellen is among the least likeable heroines to me.

No matter what, Ludmila helped rescue her and that's a fact. Couldn't she even say a proper "thank you" to someone who helped saving her life?

Sure, Ludmila can be annoying at times and yet it's not as if Ellen's personality is that likeable either.

Among all the heroines, it seemed that Ellen is the one who didn't really grow up. It's really annoying.

On the other hand, Tigre had started being more flexible in his way of thinking, even though he might be overly emotional at times.

I'm also impressed with how Regin has grown up as a queen. She controls her emotion well and thinks out of the box.

Yep, I also saw how Ryu beat Aiz by a substantial number of votes. That was quite unexpected 

Omori's suggested title for this upcoming short story - "The Princess of Darkness" makes me even more suspicious of Ryu's being truly descended from the legendary elder sister of Riveria's ancestor.

Of course it's also possible the word "princess" might have nothing to do with that.


I do feel a bit surprised by Bell x Syr pairing currently getting more vote than Bell x Hestia pairing but if you think about it, Syr seems to be perceived as being more mysterious compared to Hestia which might help the pairing getting more vote. Adding to that, don't forget the Freya factor.

People in general loves mysterious things. Hestia seems to be having less impact (as compared with Syr) on the readers in the latest volumes. Of course the character currently having the biggest impact is Ryu.

So I misinterpreted.  The news is updated at GA's blog and Twitter.  Both comic for the main series and Oratoria go on sale at March.  Not a new manga but rather a new Gaiden which I would translate as "Bringing down Gran Casino" (グラン・カシノをぶっつぶせ!) starting Ryuu will be serialized on Gangan GA instead; a ton of Omori's reference to movies, the Japanese title for the movie "21" from 2008 is ラスベガスをぶっつぶせ or Bringing Down Las Vegas (the house) based on the source novel instead. 

So the rumored new gaiden turn out to be Ryu's. I was really surprised at how fast Ryu has become one of the leading heroines recently.  Anyway, this is really a great news :)

Technically, I said IF there is a SO anime, it would be at least after April.

I don't think he ever mentioned writing another LN.

@lazymangareader @6294086
I think you guys underestimated how much longer DanMachi would run for.  He said originally was 20, but the whole point of that interview was that it would run longer now.  The novel is averaging 3 volumes per year (that's a generous speed because the first four and half volume was written online before he entered GA's writing contest).  The novel could easily go for another half a decade if not another four years.

That's really long if you think about it.  Most people would be entering another stage in life, going from high school to college, or to working, or even getting married.  There are other new titles and priorities in life.  Considering DanMachi ran for 3 years already, another 4-5 years is almost a whole decade.  As long as the author can wrap up the story decently, that's all I ask for.

That's nice to hear.

I really hope that Omori won't become like Toriyama with the dragonball super.

It's really sad to see some authors treated their works merely as an ATM machine and not only forgetting the original settings, they made the sequels even worse by ignoring what the fans want to see.

Only 20 volumes I can't help but feel a little disheartened by that I mean I feel theirs a lot more that could be expanded on and where pretty much have way through yet Bell still doesn't any long term rival/nemesis/enemy ( I don't count Freya because Bell isn't any real threat to her) and I know that his only goals where to catch up to Ais and to be a hero however I feel besides getting closer to Ais's level he hasn't done much to warrant being called a hero I don't know I guess I had my expectations a bit to high I mean danmachi is current my favorite light novel so hearing it was half way done got me a little down sorry for whining so much.

Completely agreed.

Why limit it to only 20 volumes? There's more than enough material to expand the story; way much more.

These days I don't read many light novels. Many of them are featuring hard-to-like characters, excessive parody/tragedy, similar/crappy story plot/setting, etc.

In addition, there have been more than enough examples of lousy sequels or lousy new/next generation protagonist(s), etc. Even the titles are not really that inspiring.

This is not limited to only light novels, but also applicable to manga, anime, etc.

It's quite common to find new novels/mangas written by some famous authors turning out to be even worse than their predecessors.

It's getting harder and harder to find new favorite(s) these days.

What if Aiz wasn't Aria's child, but a part of herself, like Eve who was created from Adam's rib?

Aria could have given up her life after Albert's death, in order to be rejoined with him in her next one, making this an immortal love story.

This would explain why Aiz has memories of her "parents", but not the small age disparity between Bell and her. If this theory was to be correct, she should have been a few years older than Bell...oh well.

You're right. That's also another possibility.

Spirits may not be able to have children but they might be able to produce their offspring through asexual reproduction.

It reminds me of how the current Piccolo in the Dragon Ball series was born (Before he got fused with Kami and Neil).


Wow,she said that?Couldn't it be her monster instincts?But if they connect her to the Black Dragon that would be really cool.

Yep, she did say that.

Even if she turned out to be not directly related to the Black Dragon itself, she might still a very powerful dragon in her past life.

I suspect that the Zenos are the reincarnation of monsters more powerful than their common counterparts (natural mutation perhaps?). Example : Wine having the dream of her past life, the black Minotaur venturing the deep floors of the dungeon, etc.

I think all the elves are just crazy about Riveria in a way, almost to zealotry level of worship and revere (Filvis' reaction this volume was pretty over the top for me).  Kinda hard to make more conjectures without some more information.

I do agree very much about the behind-the-scene part though.  Given that there's a "student" district and Lefiya was Level 2 before entering Loki, then there's the part about Eina being trained for her job.  I don't foresee the story ending soon by any means, but hopefully Omori can give us more world building before series is over.


Yep, not enough information to speculate more. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Ryu's background in the future volumes.

Which means it's possible that Eina might be of level 2 or above. Some people are even speculating about Eina's sister being one of the possible candidate to join Bell's party.

Didn't they specifically asked that, but Bell said he didn't read anything of the sort?


Regarding the possible relationship between Bell and Albert :

Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

Regarding the relationship between Aiz and Aria :

Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

About Ryu and Riveria :
Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

Speaking about the Black Dragon, Wine said something about her dreaming of killing people and such. The relationship between these two is still a big mystery...


Or Bell = Albert reborn!

Definitely possible.

Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!



Now ... next volume's the danceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  Or so I thought, but supposedly it'll focus on the Amazoness sisters instead.  With this, there will really be a content drought for half a year (´;ω;`); I wonder who'll be still around when the new volume appears again.

Lefiya didn't realize that she herself is also a tsundere (´;ω;`)

The interaction between Bell and Lefiya is interesting. Looking forward for the Amazoness sisters in the next volume of Oratoria.

Regarding Ryu :

Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

Well, I didn't say he was the strongest, only that he has the strength of a 1st class according to spoilers, that's level 4 and more right? She will probably become incredibly strong herself.

By the way, someone said in ch2 about the possibility of the strongest Zenos to be that particular black minotaur which has been spotted by several adventurers in vol 8.

It will be hilarious if that black minotaur also happens to be female which will even suit better what Omori described as "pandemonium" - the clash of 'heroines' between Aiz and the black minotaur.

Who knows if Ottaru is again the one who trained it and since reincarnations do exist, there is also the possibility of it being the reincarnation of that red minotaur which got killed by Bell.


By reading your description I don't see how she could be bad at combat really, getting stronger by eating stones is OP, they said Dragons were the strongest race in volume 4 too. I read that one of them has a strength compared to a 1st class Adventurer on the wiki  and he's lizard.

Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

Which family do you think Aisha joined =)

EDIT: Also, give us what you think man!!  Anything you find awesome?  Anything you hate?  I know a lot of people are weary of the origin of the Zenos, cause the author can very easily fuck up the setting.  Sucks not being able to read the SS because the Toranoana + the other bookstore ones seem interesting, but we want to hear your thoughts!!~

Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

Wait, you're telling me that all that discussion about if a girl was going to get killed or whatever ended up killing some cow (dressed like Hestia)?

Well, Omori said that black minotaur (Omori's favorite heroine) will appear in next vol 10.

Aiz will appear in the next volume and she will also get involved with black minotaur.


It's just a running joke with Omori.  During a previous interview, he was asked which character he is most interested in, and he answered, "The Minotaur, because it is the rightful heroine."  It was also a joke in the early 2ch threads because Bell bumped into "it" twice (albeit different "it").  The 【】 is just the furigana/ruby that Omori used in the afterword.  I don't know if you guys watched OreShura, but Shuraba in netslang means heroines "fighting" each other because they all have a thing for the main character.  Omori wanted to say both of Ais and Minotaur will be in the spotlight next volume creating a "shuraba", whether this means Ais will be fighting Minotaur or not remains unclear.  This is the black "minotaur" mentioned by Welf Volume 8, not the lowbie one from Upper Floors.


Just finished reading the novel. The resolution is really terrible...

Now it's confirmed that Minotaur is the one that Omori meant by "heroine", I wonder what will come after the black minotaur in the next volume 10 (1st part)...

It seem like the cover for oratoria is better than the original one


The main novel should have the illustrations and the cover made by the same person (Kunieda) who draws the manga. It's way much better compared to Yasuda's cover and illustrations.

Yep. just read the news from 2ch.

Based on the main novel's date on 12 September then it should also be somewhere around that date.

Sounds to me that Omori will rule Amazon's light novel category again in the incoming months.

Hope the anime sequel and 1st season anime for the gaiden will be coming soon.

Sure, if you say so.

As I've mentioned previously, this wasn't an idea per se, just some brainstorming based on the spoilers that we received, so there was nothing for you to attack to begin with.
Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

As for volume 9's cover, Wiene looks so sad and lonely, and is in dire need of some reassurance.

"Cue Bell."

Ok, we have a deal then.

I hope they will make the 2nd season for the main novel and also the anime for the gaiden.

Despite the massive cuts on the story, when it comes to creating the anime version of each character they did make a really good job.[/list]

I couldn't have said it better myself, azurehyaline.

For your information, 6294086, I'm also a non-native English speaker, far from it.

I still didn't read your original reply. Honestly, I just don't have the time for it, so let's agree to disagree.

If you still want more, then let's take this to PM, by consideration for the others.

So, can you accept what was thought as an attack to your idea (perhaps due to my strong words) was actually meant to be a criticism?

Actually, it's more like a (strong) disagreement to me and it's not even criticism.

If yes then let's agree to disagree.

I wasn't talking about the whole discussion, but about your last post and particularly about this:

He isn't trying to confuse you specifically or whatever.

People use slang sometimes unconsciously, because slang is mostly to be used as emphasis. In most cases, we are not aware or don't realize that others might not understand what we are writing, or that it might confuse them.

I'm saying that you're being quite irrational thinking that he used that word specifically because he wants to confuse you or whatever.

And when I say that your pride is talking is because you're pushing that specific point when there isn't really anything to push: he used a slang word that he wasn't aware that you didn't know the use, he got misunderstood because of that and he had to explain it.

It seems to me that you're trying to blame him for using that word, and to be honest, there is no fault here from neither part. Just see this as part of a multicultural interchange of ideas, where misunderstandings may occur.

This specific matter should have been taken care of with a "ah, ok, then there is nothing to disagree here" after his explanation and just move on other more important points (such as the rest of the argument).

And the rational answer afterwards, from both parts, would have been to ignore that specific part and keep on with the rest of the argument, without further comments about "the shit" or "turn based RPGs".

There would have been no loss of face if you just had let it pass. Pushing it further... well, I don't think it's a good idea. At least, I'd say it isn't making you look good in this regard.

Moreover, do you think that he's aware that you are not a native speaker? Unless you have told him straight before that post, he prolly doesn't know about it, and even if he does (and he remembers it), I'd say that he considers saying "the shit" as something normal and that is widely understandable (it seems it's quite common to use it).

You know, while english is not your main, you are pretty fluent. I think that most would expect you to understand that word. In fact, if you didn't tell me, I wouldn't know that english isn't your native language.

I think that there is no malice of any kind behind his use of "the shit" word.

Of course, I'm speculating here, as I'm not in his mind, but Occam's Razor tells me that.

As for him being irrational for having his opinion about the novels (the points you state he's being irrational for thinking X or Y about specific parts of the novels). No. I don't find him irrational. And neither I find you irrational for having you yours (in fact, I understand the cores of both your points of view). Opinions are neither rational or irrational, are just that.

I wasn't talking about that, btw.

Argue the arguments, not the person. He just disagrees with you, he's not your enemy.

In fact, I'd say that all people here, while not friends, at least we share something in common. Fighting among ourselves is a quite stupid thing to do. That's different from discussing or having an argument, btw.

And yeah:

That's a logical and commendable attitude. The thing is that most people usually forget that when they are talking or writing, because you can't avoid going back to your native way of speaking (it's the one you're comfortable with).

Usually, when you don't forget that is when faux pas (errors in etiquette) aren't allowed and every word has to be carefully measured (mostly because it might cost you a war, or billions of your currency or a juicy contract for your company).

But I don't think that we are in such an environment. This is supposed to be a relaxed forum, not an Eurogroup meeting.

I got to disagree with you in the point that such care should be taken here. In fact, I'd rather if people kept using their slang, it makes posts more enjoyable to read.

Even if misunderstandings happen, they can be explained if needed (as it has happened here) and well, they make the forum a more interesting place as there is more exposure to different cultures and ways of speaking. It's interesting to guess if the guy that just said "bloody" and "mate" is British, Australian or just caught those words in the middle.

Plus well, then start removing all LOL, ROFLMAO and related slang (particularly the newest or most obscure one).

I don't think people will agree to that, lol.

The reason why I suddenly talked about turn-based RPGs that have nothing to do with Danmachi is because I want to point out the mentality of those RTS fanatics who are so against turn-based RPGs during the heat of our debate, to use it as some sort of analogy.

Of course, I also don't see any reasons why I need to ask other people use 'formal' style of languages or such in casual forums like this.

I disagree with your saying of me losing my face and such, since I can also relate it to the main cause of this whole argument : He was thinking that my criticism against him labelling Wiene as a "traitor" to her "race" despite there was not enough info on Amazon to say whether Wiene is really a monster or not was meant to be an attack to his idea.

And that sounds to me the same as "saving face" too.

It was not an attack to his idea, it was meant as a criticism.

And even if I use strong words in my criticism, like what you said - it's a casual forum and it shouldn't be taken that hard/seriously.   

OK, that's all I have to say to you.

You disagree with some of his points in other matters? Ok. But you just are being irrational in this part (I mean, the part about "the shit") and I think your pride is talking for you.

It's your choice, but I wouldn't go further with this and I'd, well, bury the axe in this part at least. Take this as a new word you just learned.
Sorry but I also disagree with you, albeit partially.

Before you submitted this post, I've already decided to not pursue the part related to turn-based RPGs after hearing your previous explanation.

If you're talking about "pride" and being "irrational" then I also want to point out how he blamed not only the heroines but also women since he cannot accept that the heroines are more interested in Bell while Finn got stuck with the fangirls, with Tione as the exception.

It's about pride and it's also about being "irrational" because the novels itself turned out to be that way (and he doesn't like it).

I also want to point out how he said about how tragic ways are the only thing that Omori can do to make the novels more interesting.

Are you saying that he's being "rational" when he was saying those statements ?

I don't think it's fair for you to say that I'm being irrational and he's not.

And I want to add that should someone not fluent in my native language try his/her best to speak with me then I will minimize the use of slangs/idioms, etc to make the conversation easier to understand which I think is not only rational but also pragmatic.

I may not be able to speak as formal as what the official textbook says but at least, I will give it my best shot.

Of course I'll also be glad to tell them the meaning of slangs/idioms should they ask me.


Volume 9 cover.

Jcafe has been impossible to access for the past week.  I wonder why. 
I hope I don't have to resort to using proxy/vpn every time from now on ...

Thanks for the vover, Kunagisa.

I really hope they make the anime sequel for Danmachi. The artwork is way much better compared to the illustrations in the novels.

Just imagine characters such Haruhime and Wiene will look like in their anime form...

I was also completely unable to access Jcafe for several days.

629, just a few pointers regarding your discussion with doppelganger.

That word tends to confuse us, non-english speakers, because it means something opposite of what we expect it to mean. I remember having been confused before by the same thing and here I was about to jump to his throat too.

He's telling you that you're misunderstanding him and that what he really means is that turn-based RPGs are the best things in the world.

Also, he didn't say "shit", but "the shit", that means a completely opposite thing. Talk about slang.

I'm not sure if you know spanish, but it's the same as the word "cojones" here. A simple letter or a change of tone using it can change its meaning completely.

Thanks for the info.
It's good to hear him admitting that good turn-based RPGs do exist out there.

He did admitted it (albeit grudgingly) since he purposely used the word "the shit" instead of using the 'normal' word to express it.

Or it was done purposely to confuse me and/or not to give me any satisfactions.

He knows that I'm not a native speaker and yet he choose to do it that way.

6294086...Be honest now, you've been working on this post for days.

Mine are usually walls of text, but this is literally an essay.

While I could write a proper response now, I imagine people would prefer to have the next part of the story, so here it is:

Volume 5, chapter 2 part 6.
Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

Enjoy it!

Oh, and don't worry. I'll get back to you in a bit.

Honesty? You're the one who should be honest of yourself.

There is no such rule in how long someone can/cannot post replies to other post(s).
There is no shame in taking time to write replies, especially since English is not my native language.

I will only post reply when I want to and when I've free time.
There are lots of things that I do outside this forum and this website.

Worry? What's to worry about? 
Sure, you can take all the time you need to formulate a 'proper' reply to my post.

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