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Hello Everyone!
I'm akosialoy! Im new here and im looking forward to be a part of this community!
I love watching abime even when i was still a kid, but i consider myself an otaku since 2011 for that is when i started watching anime's continously, titles after titles, episodes after episodes and viola an otaku is born.
I like anime's, manga's and light novels whos genre's belong to slice of life, school life, romance and comedy. It doesnt really matter to me if its shonen, seinen, jousei, or shoujo. I feel like even the demographics is not for a male; but the story is something interesting, then ill surely like it.
I like tackling anime's with my friend but i cant seem to find people who's really into slice of life anime's. so thank god i found this forum.

i am looking forward on discussing anime related things with everyone!
Have a good day, everyone.
I'm the new member here, my name is Linh and I'm a college student from Vietnam.
Not very good at English, but I'm glad to be a member of this community. I like manga, anime, light novels, visual novels and hope to be friend with all of you.
Best regards, guys.
Hello to everyone
My name is Carol, I'm from Honduras.
I recently discovered this community while I was trying to get information about Maria-sama ga Miteru (The Light Novels, translated to english).
Though, english is not my primary language, I think I'm capable to stablish a nice conversation with any of you.

My interests are: Yuri anime, Miyazaki, Shinkai, etc. As you can read, I'm just a regular user.

Anyway, nice to know that there's such a great community out there! Greetings!

PS. If you know something about Maria-sama ga Miteru let me know, I'm a bit, just a bit, or maybe highly obsessed about this.
PS2. If you need some light novels about Maria-sama ga Miteru, I have many of them, but not all. So if you feel free to ask me about it, I will probably try to help you with something!

Hello :whoosh:

I like to read manga, light novels, etc. My English is not very good so I apologize if you do not understand some sentences or comments. :wahaha:
i have been looking and looking since i got kinda attached to the slayers series " a freaking GOLD anime BTW"
But..... i found nothing except for Japanese versions but i can't freaking read Japanese  :urusai: :skyhigh:
So can anyone help me please
Boo! Not scary but I eat toast all meals of the day to a scary degree.
Started out watching anime, then reading manga, and now working my way through light novels. Maybe I'll go visual novels in the next step of my evolution...  :whoosh:
Thanks and please treat me well.
hi there! glad to be part of this community and all.  :whoosh:
Novel Shoppu / Re: Cheat Majutsu de Unmei wo Nejifuseru Vol. 1-5+
« Last post by EnigmaticAxiom on Today at 12:11:16 AM »
Volume 5 up.
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