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Author Topic: ! STOP STOP STOP: JCafe FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - READ THIS !  (Read 250637 times)

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Re: ! JCafe FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - READ THIS !
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2010, 03:54:24 AM »
JCafe boards
A rundown of JCafe's various boards and what can be found on them: 

Talk Active
Forum News: For Updates to the forum.  As it's the most official board we have around here, spamming on this board is met more harshly than others, so watch what you post.  If it's not adding to the thread's topic, chances are it's spam.
Forum Lounge: The Lounge is where you go when you want to talk current events/news/other non-spam topics that aren't covered in other boards such as cultural discussions.
Forum Community: You're already here.  See the quote above.  It's also home to the Dare To Show Your Trueself thread which has the honor of being JCafe's largest threads and where you can find pictures (or not) of various JCafe members.
          JCafe Supreme Court: Hopefully you'll never have to use this board but it's for settling disputes on the forum.
Anime and Manga: To talk about Animes or Mangas that do not already have their own series board.
Series Forum: For series that already have their own board.  Please restrict all threads concerning these series to their own boards.
Yaoi and Shonen Ai: Because, yes, JCafe does have a yaoi crowd.  We're small but we're rabid. ♥
Movie, Cinema, and Drama: For talk about movies, TV series, etc.  Do NOT ask about anime movies because those would be found in the ANIME SECTION.
Grown Ups: Pr0nz.  Talk about hentai and other porn with your fellow pervs.
Computer, Software, Games & Internet: For talk about computers, software, game or internet.  Also, if you have a technical question relating to these, feel free to ask it.  JCafe is home to more than a few programmers who live to deal with weird issues (good practice and all that).

Activity and Playground
Offtopic: For all offtopic chatter.  NO POST COUNT.
Cosa Nostra: For forum Roleplaying games.  Sign up and start playing.
Fanclub: For fanclub threads.  Fanclubs include genres (hentai, ecchi, yaoi, yuri), activities (roleplaying, writing, etc), and random other interests (boys, martial arts, etc).  However there are private clubs with restricted membership and rules do vary, so read club rules before posting in them.
Knowledge: Discuss science or have discussions in a related, knowledgeable field.
Hack Your Brain: To help regular users get ahead of the curve in school or at work.  Tutorials.
Listen: The board for music discussions/discussions on audio.
Writing: The board for book and writing discussions. 
Drawing: For JCafe's resident artists.
Language & Culture: JCafe is an English language forum, however, the language board is the place for foreign language threads.  Head on over and meet other users who speak your dialect.

For all File Sharing, look around in Filesharing Central.  And don't forget to give our uploaders ren to let them know you appreciate their efforts!  (Click the "Thank you!" link under "Renommée: (#)" in the uploader's profile sidebar)

Any questions that you still have be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions first before asking.

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Re: ! JCafe FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - READ THIS !
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2010, 08:54:52 AM »
jCafe Specifics
(Tips for advanced users.  Must be able to see spoiler buttons)

User Ranks
jGhosts cannot download nor post in Winny Club. A higher user rank increases the number of your stored private messages. Only jMembers with more than 50+ posts can upload his or her own avatar. You might also find hidden forums that are not available to unregistered users.

Here are the user ranks:

Posts    Rank   Private Messages
0 Forum DonatorUnlimited

More user ranks (in spoiler):
Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

JCafe specific mods and how to use them:

How to post Youtube videos
JCafe has a built-in feature for Youtube videos.  All links are converted automatically--you do not have to use the youtube provided "embed" feature.  Instead just post the actual url address.  I.e.:

Code: [Select] result in:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

How to use "spoilers":
All links and most pictures are posted in spoiler buttons.  This preserves our links, stops search engines from picking them up and saves on various users bandwidth.  To use the the spoiler button function in a post, you can click the spoiler button on top of the post (the warning sign in between the quote and list buttons) or type:
Code: [Select]
[spoiler] "whatever it is you're typing/the link url" [/spoiler]

How to use the dice mod:
The dice feature is used in a great deal of the games over in Cosa Nostra as well as the Magic Eight Ball thread.  You can use the preview function to preview dice rolls to make sure you have it right, but once you press Post, the dice rolls are embedded in the post, meaning that the only way they can change is if the post is edited, but that will be visible.  To use the dice feature, you call select the dice button on top of the post screen or you can type:
[roll] (#of die)d(#of sides)[*/roll]  (minus the *)(i.e. for 1 die with 20 sides, you type [roll]1d20[*/roll].  With 2 dice with 6 sides, you would type [roll]2d6[*/roll]).
More on the dice (click the spoiler):
Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

How to use the Sticker Feature:
(Click on spoiler)
Sorry, please read the forum rules to see why you can't view spoilers and why you can't post in this forum section. Thank you!

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Re: JCafe FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - READ THIS
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2010, 05:31:56 AM »
How to Post an Introduction and NOT Look Like an Idiot
(Creating Introduction Posts for Dummies)

The Forum Community (where you're at right now) is for communicating with other members of the jCafe community.  jCafe likes welcoming its new members as well, and new members are encouraged to post in this forum so that jCafe regulars can meet them.  This guide is an easy "how-to" in creating an introduction post.

  • To post in the Forum Community, you either need to make an introduction or already have a post count.  Keep reading for how to create an introduction.
  • Either reply to this forum with your introduction or create your own thread (only make a new thread if you plan on putting in a little work and maintaining it; look down at the "dos and don'ts" of thread creation).
  • Try to make your introduction more than just a "hi."  Remember, you're introducing yourself to an extremely large community.  Try to make your post unique to you and give the crowd something to remember you by.  Feel free to monologue a bit.  We love that. 
  • Anything new topic with less than seven sentences in the starting post can and will be subject to deletion without notice.  Do NOT make a new topic if you don't want to put effort into it!
  • Making an intro thread is NOT "mandatory."  It only announces you to a community that you (hopefully) want to be part of.  If you don't want to be part of the community, you do not have to.
  • Don't ask for manga in your introduction.  That's extremely rude.
  • If your English is not so good, that's okay.  Try your best and I promise we'll be able to read it.  I guarantee you are not the worst in the world.
  • Don't post your intro in someone else's thread.  That's rude.  And counts as spam.

jCafe also allows new members to create their own thread to talk more if they want, instead of posting in the general introduction thread.  However, rules are a bit more strict to try and cut down on spam.  Here's an easy-to-follow list of dos and don't for making a new newbie thread.

1.  Don't post a one liner.  Smaller introductions go in the general introduction thread and are not substantial enough to stand on their own.  Any new topic needs to be over 7 sentences at least (they're encouraged to be longer).
2.  Don't ask for manga.  This is not the proper place for that and asking for manga is good for a ban in this forum.
4.  DON'T START A POLL unless it's actually going to be unique or funny.  Otherwise, it WILL be changed. (For the love of God, post a new topic instead or start voting for "no towels" now.)
5.  Don't post a thread if you're just pissed off about the rules.  -_-
6.  Don't start a new thread unless you are willing to work at it.  Original posts for new threads must be over seven lines and the thread must be maintained (replied to).
7.  Don't, for the love of God, title a new topic the same as the official intro thread.  It will be deleted on sight regardless of content.

1.  DO be original.  Memorable.  We get 43 new people a DAY.  We have over 70000 members.  Why should we bother to remember YOU?
2.  Do introduce yourself.  That's what you're starting the thread for, after all.  It doesn't have to be too much, maybe just what you're into, but it does have to be something and over seven lines (the fact that you like manga?  Doesn't count--we already knew that).
3.  Do make it substantial and interesting.  We want to get to know YOU and not some generic form letter.
4.  Do expect replies.  Lots of them, depending on how interesting you are (or how interesting we are, either/or).
5.  Do have fun.  That's what we're all here to do.  You're going to get asked stupid questions.  Learn to roll with it, we're just testing you out.
6.  Do reply yourself.  You're supposed to be meeting members of the Forum and it's rude to just say "hi" and run off.

Oh, and to quote Sera:
What do you expect to hear when your topic only says "Hi everyone!"?  A nice and warm greeting? That the whole staff now knows who you are, that you are not an ordinary spammer but a grateful member of the community?  Saying Hi is like saying "SPAM", which is really not what you want.

If you want to introduce yourself, this is the right board for you. Be original, show who you are, what you are doing, why you are here.

Note:  After a certain amount of time with no new replies, introduction threads are locked and moved to the Old Introduction Threads board.  However, if you would like your topic to be unlocked and moved back to the regular Forum Community board (returning from an absence or whatnot), feel free to PM me or another GM to unlock it for you.

Note2:  If an Introduction Thread gets more than 500 replies, it will be moved to What About Nachos?

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! STOP STOP STOP: JCafe FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - READ THIS !
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2009, 04:40:42 AM »
Hi and Welcome to JCafe.  :hi:

This is a list of the frequently asked JCafe questions.  Please read this before asking one of your own questions.  Read this in its ENTIRETY as you WILL be responsible for knowing the information in here and will be held to these rules.  If your English isn't good enough to read this, I suggest using a translator

What are the rules?
  --Boards vary in rules (so make sure you read faqs) but the most important ones to remember are don't spam, post download links only inside spoiler tags (for their protection) and give uploaders "ren" when you download (it's the JCafe way of thanking your uploaders). 
  --Do NOT repost jCafe links outside of jCafe.  It leads to links being taken down which means NO MORE MANGA. 
  --Do not beg for manga--especially not in other topics: that's good for a ban.  Also, jCafe is not for selling your goods.  All users posting off-topic advertising links or adding off-topic advertising links to their profile (spam) will be banned on sight.

What is ren and how do I give it?
  --Ren stands for Renomée and can be used to show gratitude. Give it to an uploader when you download their links or to another user when you like their post. To give ren click the "Thank you!" link under "Renommée: (#)" in the chosen user's profile sidebar.

Why do I not see any downloads?
  --Newly registered users are ranked as jGhost and can't post nor download in Winny Club.  Every user has to write at least 1 NON-SPAM post in another section.  This requirement is to PROTECT links (resources--i.e. manga) and save them from being taken down.  In other words, the one post requirement leads to links and manga being available for longer periods of times.  For your post, you can choose one of the other boards, or you can make an introduction post in the Forum Community (use link and do not make a new thread unless you are willing to work at it--starting a new thread without a substantial amount of thought is considered spam.  FOLLOW RULES OR BE BANNED).

What is a Spam post?
  --A spam post is one that does not significantly add to the conversation and/or is blatantly off-topic (this can vary).  Begging for manga will ALWAYS be considered a spam.  Also, try not to post simple "Thanks" posts--use the Renomée system instead as this keeps our threads uncluttered and provides a lasting thank you for the uploader.  Note:  The Forum Community (the board you are on right now) has special rules, see next post for them).

I've been warned.  What do I do?
  --Don't repeat the action.  A warning will automatically disappear after 5 days. The level of warning will be decreased after 5 days by one level including levels such as Moderated(all your posts must be approved by a moderator), Muted (you will not be able to post at all). The final level is a forum ban, which is permanent.  And, for the love of GOD, don't make a second account to try and get out of being "warned."  That will only result in BOTH accounts being immediately banned.

What else do I have to know?
  --For now just enjoy your stay at jCafe! If you have further questions about forum features such as what's an intro thread, how to roll the Dice or how to use the sticker feature, read the posts below!  If you think you have found a glitch in JCafe, please refer to this thread