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Author Topic: READ THE RULES - Updated 23-09-13  (Read 5850 times)

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Re: Read the Rules
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2013, 07:07:47 PM »
Since the intention of this board is nearly identical to the Winny Club, I've copied some of the rules from silverado's original post with just some minor changes to suit the Hentai board.

1) Post content and Topic

Basically the title of a topic should represent the content. If the old topic title is "Son Swapping ch1-4+" and somebody added Chapter 5, the new topic title should be -> "Son Swapping ch1-5+".

1.1) Choose A Proper Title

The topic title contains only the correct and full series title and the volume numbers of the whole topic (including volumes posted by other users). If you want to share additional information like description or language write it inside the post. Title descriptions are NOT wanted!

Incorrect Example:
Quote (selected)
natsukaze chinese!!!

(wrong name, unnecessary description)

Correct Example:
Quote (selected)
Natsukaze 1-6+

= for ongoing
Quote (selected)
Mamira Chichi v1 complete


1.1.1) Update Content & Title

New uploads and links have to be verified and added by the topicstarter to the first post. Winny Club Premium Uploader can add their new uploads to the Winny Club Index.

1.1.2) Post Chapter Contents in Yellow!

Hide the newest chapter content that contains significant amount of spoilers by posting it in yellow color.

e.g. This is a spoiler posted in yellow, mark the text with the mouse to read it.

1.1.3) Upload content.

Seeing as there are a few different kinds of Hentai, for the purpose of order, the exact type should be displayed in the title. i.e. If uploading a One Piece parody, the title should appear like this:
Quote (selected)
[Doujin]-Mero Mero Girls - New World (One Piece)

Have 'Doujin' first, 'Doujinshi' is also an option, then the title, and then the parodied series at the end.

If the doujin is an original series:
Quote (selected)
[Doujin]-MC Gakuen (Original)

Instead of a series name, just label it original at the very end.

For a magazine chapter, which is essentially a Oneshot:
Quote (selected)
[H-Magazine]-Mature Gal Mama Yukie

And for an H-Manga tankoban or series:
Quote (selected)
[H-Manga]-Narikiri Lovers v1 complete

It's also acceptable to omit the [H-Manga] part, seeing as if an upload isn't a magazine chapter and it's not a doujin, it's gotta be an H-Manga

Also for any other things, like Artist CG, just simply put whatever category it is you see fit, within the first brackets.

1.2) Post Download Links AND REFERENCES In Spoilers. Only links to informational sites like Mangaupdates, Animenewsnetwork and such are allowed without being wrapped in the spoiler tag.

Code: [Select]
[]Title Volume RAW[/url]

1.3) Required Userrank for Downloads

Newly registered users are ranked as jGhost and cannot post in the forum nor see download links.
In order to see the download links every user has to write at least 1 non-spam post in another section such like an introduction post in the Forum Community.  For more information, read the Newbie FAQ.

1.4) Use This Content Form

You can copy this upload form:

Code: [Select]
Title:   Author:


[url= ]Title Volume RAW[/ur]


Code: [Select]
[size=14pt][url=Series Link on MangaUpdates]Manga Name[/url][/size]
by [url=Mangaka Name on MangaUpdates][u]mangaka name[/u][/url]


[quote]Summary of the story, if not available try to write at least a sentence to describe the RAW[/quote]

[]Title Volume RAW[/url]


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READ THE RULES - Updated 23-09-13
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2013, 06:05:11 AM »
Same rules like in all other forums!

1. Choose a descriptive topic name
2. Post download links in spoilers.