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Author Topic: !!! READ THIS NOVEL SHOPPU GUYS !!!  (Read 6581 times)

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« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2015, 02:13:00 AM »
Considering the recent influx of mega uploads,
I see myself forced to remind the community
why jcafe has always survived file host crack downs.

There are 3 simple reasons:


Whatever you want to upload, be it a novel, a manga, a chapter,
remember to give at least 1 additional mirror link to another upload!
I cannot stress this enough!
The manga and anime antipiracy machine is very active.
Do yourself a favor and upload those on multiple mirrors.

2. LINK DIRECTLY TO DOWNLOAD PAGES and not landing pages!

If you use multi upload services that upload files
on multiple different hosts simultanously,
you will be wise to post the direct links to the file host,
not the link to the landing page of the multi upload service.
They can easily delete the multi upload service link, but they cannot delete all your mirrors from different hosts! So, remember to link directly to the host, where the file is really lcoated.


Some guys here run their own raw website and
I encourage them to spread the raws as it keeps the material online
and accessable in the internet.
However, some uploaders have reported that links are copied,
stolen and posted directly on other sites.
This is NOT in the interest of the sharing community as it:

a) Increases the target surface of the links,
because many forums do not implement the proper protection mechanisms.

b) The antipiracy industry now uses web bots to crawl for links and to auto delete them.
Copying the links without reuploading them,
only leads to the original links getting taken down faster.

c) It leads to a downward spiral where uploads are taken down faster
and uploaders feel less motivated to post more original material.

Also if you are a leecher, reader or uploader and downloaded the source,
a very good way to thank the uploader is by collecting his previous uploads
and to regularly provide mirror links and to post it INSIDE THE UPLOAD THREAD.
A novel volume is only 200 KB or less,
you can easily upload all 10 volumes in less than a few minutes!

If every thread has 2-3 guys who collect all links and regularly post the mirrors,
then it will not only improve the availability
but also make it much easier for new readers to join the reading frenzy!
And spreading joy is what this is all about!  :elephantdancef:

That's all! Enjoy your stay!